About Kyobee

An OTS product, Kyobee is revolutionizing customer experiences in the restaurant service industry. Kyobee is a smart, automated, and fully integrated platform that electronically checks-in guests (with or without the presence of door or host staff) and then updates the guest with real-time notifications about their wait status … parties ahead of them, approximate wait time, and other live updates. Kyobee frees guests to socialize, browse, and enjoy their company without worrying that they’ve been “missed” by a front door host, and frees staff from the distraction of customers repeatedly asking for updates on wait-list status. Kyobee also ensures that no guest gets “missed” through the inefficiency and unreliability of paper wait-list systems.

With KYOBEE at your business, you will have a self check-in hostess that is easy for your customers to sign-in with.

OTS and Kyobee

Kyobee is an original OTS product. This platform exemplifies OTS’s unique ability to bring high performance technology and sophisticated programming together in user-friendly, attractive, and thoughtful applications that make powerful differences in business operations for enterprises and customers.