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Mobile App Development is the First Approach

With our extraordinarily deep expertise in user experience and the best mobile app development services, we deliver rich experiences to small screens, which converts into the success of your business, ease of operations, and consumer engagement. We collaborate with a variety of ecosystems like the best mobile app developer to maximize the impact on your end-users.

By providing digital solutions like enterprise software development, web development, and mobile app development, we assist you in making your business ideas a reality. Get mobile application development from the best mobile app development company to boost the growth of your business.

iOS Apps Development

ORDEX provides the best mobile app development services that help develop bespoke applications that run flawlessly on the full iOS platform, including the most recent iOS versions and iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, and so on. iOS mobile app development that is created by the best mobile app developer at Ordex like no one can replicate.

Cross Platform/Hybrid App Development

Cross-Platform application development integrates the finest features of both web and native applications. It is intended for cross-platform functionality and uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to generate development designs.<br /> Get a market-ready and cost-effective app made by the best mobile app developer that quickly reaches more people.

Android App Development

ORDEX is a top Android mobile application development firm that creates custom Android mobile app development for global businesses. We can create apps for all Android devices that are compatible with the current Android OS version.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Mobile app developer at ORDEX develops PWA that run quicker with minimal effort to maximize user engagement. We include unique features in web apps such as offline browsing, push notifications, data analysis, and simple distribution channels.


  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Apple Watch Development
  • Apple TV Apps Development
  • iOS App Manual Testing
  • iOS App Automation Testing


  • Android Mobile Apps 
  • Android Tablet Apps
  • Android TV Apps 
  • Firebase Integration
  • Android Apps with Dialog Flow

Cross Platform/Hybrid

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • Migration to Hybrid Frameworks
  • Cross Platform App Consultation
  • Support & Maintenance

Progressive Web App

  • Custom PWA Development
  • Progressive Web App Design
  • Expert PWA Consultation
  • PWA Upgrades & Support


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Mach1 is The Future of Roadside Assistance. Mach1 Services is the first of its kind, on-demand roadside assistance company that automatically dispatches help when you need it! It use the latest GPS and mapping technology to get you help fast.
No more trying to figure out where the person and describing the location. The app gives you access to our network of vetted providers, ready to help. One talk directly with the person on the way to help. App finds the closest provider without the hassle of someone calling and haggling a price.


ReadyB is a simplified on-demand platform that safely and securely connects service-consumers and service-providers, in real-time anywhere in the world. ReadyB offers HIRE or BE HIRED for any SERVICE/SKILL, and Rideshare. With ReadyB, anyone can join as a provider and/or a consumer and to either HIRE or BE HIRED for an unlimited range of services and trades available in their current location worldwide. ReadyB assists consumers together with providers the numerous pain points and problems related to obtaining services and employment.

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The Diligent team

Development team of ORDEX consists of highly skilled and experienced web developers, architects, designers, testers, and managers to deliver best tech solutions.

Extensive Range

ORDEX offers custom web development, website development, mobile web development, full-stack web development (frontend and backend web development and much more.

Flawless Integration

ORDEX helps companies bring together their portals and third-party web services, be it data feeds, payment systems, enterprise collaboration apps, or other solutions.

Tech Expertise

Our technology experience and expertise grow solutions which are simple to understand, have the best possible flexibility and scalability to put your business onto the track of progress.


Why Mobile Application Services is important today for every business?

Mobile application development has become crucial for every business. With all the information about the brand on their mobile apps, this has made the user’s life easier and faster through mobile app development. Also, this can help the brands stay connected with their customers and provide all the updates and news.

But only the best mobile app development company can boost the reachability of your mobile app. The better it looks, the better the chances of sticking your users. We at Ordex have the best mobile application developer that can transform the way your business performs.

What is the cost of mobile application development in 2023?

Due to the many variables at play, there is no straightforward response to the mobile app development cost. The price of developing a mobile application is affected by various factors like mobile app developer fees, work complexity, and mobile application development time. Find out the cost of your mobile app development by speaking with our professionals!

What are the best tools for Android mobile app development?

Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, and Corona Labs are some of the best tools for developing your Android app efficiently.

Ordex is the best mobile app development company working with top mobile application developers that uses all these tools according to the requirements of the business. Your mobile application development will be our responsibility if you choose our mobile application development services.

How to choose the best mobile app development company?

If you are confused about finding the best mobile app development company for your business, here are some points that you should look for mobile app development in any company.

  • Supports minimum coding.
  • Offers app reusability.
  • Provides backend services.
  • Protects data and privacy.
  • Provides easy access.
  • In-build cloud service.
  • Ready for the future.

These are some of the most important features of an app. They must not be ignored during mobile application development for any business. Our mobile app developer at Ordex provides all these features. If you still have a query related to mobile app development, feel free to contact us!

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