About GiftAMeal

GiftAMeal is a unique, award-winning enterprise that brings the “profits with a purpose” ethos to a cutting-edge enterprise, through a mobile application that simultaneously helps restaurants reach new audiences while empowering users to fight hunger in their local community. When registered users snap a photograph of their food at participating restaurants, GiftAMeal funds the distribution of a meal to someone in need through a local food bank. Through its powerful network of users, participating vendors, and local food-distribution organizations, GiftAMeal has distributed 92,383 meals to those in need in the great St. Louis, Chicago, and Detroit areas.

GiftAMeal seeks to inspire simple acts of kindness by making it easy for people to fight hunger in their communities.

OTS and GiftAMeal

When they partnered with OTS over four years ago for comprehensive iOS development services, GiftAMeal was a startup concept in the beginning phases of development. OTS designed and produced a modernized iOS application with an advanced technological infrastructure that allowed GiftAMeal to scale their operation to commercial capacity with regional operations and room for infinite expansion. In addition to continue developing the iOS application with the latest available technology, OTS is the internet technology provider for the complete range of GIftAMeal’s operations, including app development (Android and web), support and maintenance, and continuing platform development.