Quality Assurance

Quality is the best strategy for success.

Ensuring Quality

We contribute to creating quality objectives and then evaluate every goal extensively and specify the necessary actions to improve the quality of your software in order to satisfy your performance criteria. Quality is “a solution that perfectionly meets customers’ business goals” in our delivery paradigm. 

Software testing is the comprehensive method of testing software products for functionality, reliability, performance, standards compliance, usability, and many other aspects.ORDEX guarantees that you receive excellent quality software. Before release to production, we deliver independent verification and validation of the application. ORDEX enables you to deliver high-quality software and provide the best possible experience to your end-users. We are top achievers who ensure that your product functions flawlessly and enhances the experiences of your consumers. Ordex is not only a software development company, we offer more services like quality assurance, mobile app development, digital marketing services, Ui/Ux Designing, and many more.

Comprehensive QA Service

ORDEX offers comprehensive quality assurance and testing solutions for desktop,

website, and mobile applications. We make certain that your clients have a pleasant experience.

Performance Testing

Consistent and precise performance of your business application is critical to achieving success in today’s day, when competition is becoming increasingly tough. Most apps and software, on the other hand, have performance difficulties in real-world circumstances, which can lead to significant damage to a brand’s image and value.

As a result, investing in performance testing services to evaluate application functionality at peak load and scalability levels has become critical for businesses. It also supports them in attaining the minimum standards and levels of performance. ORDEX team can provide software performance testing service that helps businesses predict performance and response times.

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Stability Testing

Manual testing

Applications and software solutions are becoming more complicated as the digital sector grows. To execute successful testing on current systems and assure their functionality, they must have exceptional abilities and expertise. As a result, manual testing services enter the scene, which serve as the foundation for the entire QA and testing process.

Despite the use of automated testing methods, manual testing is still required to ensure good quality. It is capable of detecting major risks and weaknesses. A unique mix of tests, tools, technological experience and domain knowledge is brought together by ORDEX’s manual testing professionals, to guarantee that your product is provided without faults or delays. Our manual test procedure lets us replicate user behaviour, follow consistent methods, test various situations and delete as many system problems before starting. 

  • Functional & Non Function (usability) Testing
  • Database Verification
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Resolution Specific, OS Based

Automated testing

A wide range of specialized test components are included in test automation services, which minimise regression testing time and overall costs for business. Business needs well-defined roadmap to reap the benefits of automated testing and achieve a high return on investment. Companies need third-party connections, various user devices, and a consistent automated strategy to assure reusability and flexibility of maintenance.

This is exactly what Ordex’s strong and dependable software test automation services provide. Our Automated testing assists businesses in improving the quality and efficiency of their products. ORDEX’s professional QA and testing experts are proficient in the most recent automated testing methods to ensure that products act consistently across many releases and that your testing efforts and time are greatly reduced, resulting in cost savings.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Automation Framework Development
  • Web and UI Testing
  • Automation Script Development
  • API Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing

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