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The most significant aspects of every organization’s roaring success is its knowledgeable and certified workforce.

From prototype to full-scale creation of desktop, mobile, or web apps, testing, and systems administration, our IT staff augmentation services are accessible for any sort of project, no matter how basic or complicated it is.

Our software engineers can manage anything from online and mobile application creation to migration and modifications for your project. Our experts will collaborate with your in-house IT team to complete particular tasks and achieve your project objectives.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation

Cost effective

Boost Productivity


Direct Communication

Time Saving

Flexible Project Management

Types of Staff Augmentation


Professionals with a lot of experience may make a huge difference in your company’s success. We offer proven knowledge and a large database to help you find the ideal talent for your company.


As your strategic partner, we provide you with a resource dedicated solely to your offshore projects. You have the ability to increase or decrease employees, in addition to all other decision-making authority. The lines of contact between you and your team, which is dedicated to meeting your needs, are always open.


It is one of the most practical methods, you get flexibility in decision-making because you can adjust the team size according to the project’s needs. ORDEX will find you the finest resource for your skill set requirements.


Due to changing project demands you may need specific skill set and our Periodic Staffing Solution is ideal for this. You receive a person that exactly fits the job profile in terms of expertise and experience for the specified duration.

Ordex is not only a software development company, we offer more services like staff augmentation, mobile app development, digital marketing services, Ui/Ux Designing, and many more.

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