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DevOps is software development and operational software that allows operational efficiency, quicker rotational operation, continuous development, integration, and deployment. ORDEX automates the delivery pipeline from end to end and offers various services to enhance the deployment and adoption of DevOps. We stress cooperation to achieve efficient delivery through reduced iterations, anticipate difficulties, and proactively assure seamless implementation, of DevOps.

ORDEX DevOps solutions are backed by multi-cloud/hybrid situations and driven by both open and proprietary toolsets. Over the whole software life cycle, our team uses lean and agile concepts. Customizable dashboards with analytical capabilities for monitoring multiple DevOps components and programs offer a comprehensive overview of the processes and their status across the product life cycle. Ordex is not only a software development company, we offer more services like DevOps & cloud, mobile app development, digital marketing services, Ui/Ux Designing, and many more.


ORDEX DevOps services introduce refined changes, best practices, and new technologies to improve integration
between business, development, and operations and create an agile application lifecycle.

Continuous Mapping

We create objectives and milestones to design a full roadmap through the assessment of existing processes and systems to achieve the desired destination for smoother transition from one step to another.

CI/CD Pipeline

We deliver continuous integration and continuous deployment of your projects so that you receive appropriate cloud solutions.

Process Automation

We incorporate an automated procedure that covers the whole project delivery pipeline, encompassing code generation, testing, deployment, and supervision.

Cloud Migration

When you have a significant amount of data to manage, migrating to the cloud might be challenging. Our cloud expertise, on the other hand, will make the transition to the cloud as seamless as possible.

Flow of DevOps

DevOps is a collection of policies that binds the development and operations teams together to collaborate. DevOps has the advantage of reducing the number of projects required to build the strategy. DevOps, as compared to traditional software development, employs flexible approaches to speed up the work process. It begins with planning and progresses to real building, followed by continuous integration, deployment, operation, and feedback.

DevOps benefits

  • Software delivery that is continuous
  • Management complexity is reduced
  • Problems are resolved more quickly
  • Faster delivery of features
  • More stable operating environments
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • More time to innovate

Role of DevOps in Cloud Development

The objective is to enable developers to respond to business requirements in real-time. The relation between DevOps and Cloud Development is like the ‘Wheels of a Cycle – Interdependent and Equally important’. 

DevOps is all about the process and process improvement, while cloud is about technology and service. DevOps cuts out most of the latency that is associated with software development. Now it is up to companies on how they can reap the benefits by aligning them together.



ORDEX has a specialized staff of AWS specialists, competent with outcomes according to quality standards in handling customer requirements.


ORDEX’s bespoke solutions from Microsoft Azure can assist to enhance your business and website's performance.

Google Cloud

ORDEX Google Cloud Development Services elevates your business to a different scale the next-gen.


ORDEX Selenium developers can use the latest Selenium technology and modules to automate DevOps and web applications.


ORDEX created the Jenkins Plugin simple to incorporate your test execution into your Jenkins pipeline.

We are official Amazon Web Service partners.

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