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ORDEX is expertise in custom enterprise web development that is designed for specific functional requirements.

We help to fuel your digital business growth with the promise to enhance scalability, from developing enterprise websites from scratch.

Front-end Development

The design of a website plays a significant role in providing users with an initial impression. Integrate websites with quick loading times, valued content, professional aesthetics, browser compatibility, and other components.

Back-end Development

The Backend Development Services of ORDEX are meant to significantly contribute to your business success. We build scalable, resilient, and secure backend solutions with a team of Backend developers of excellent skills.

CMS Development

ORDEX CMS developers are the pioneers in developing small, medium, and enterprise-level content management systems, their interface potential, as well as other customization options, allow users to upgrade website data.

E-commerce Development

ORDEX delivers intelligent solutions for businesses by offering a full spectrum of e-commerce platform through functional e-commerce solutions. These include online B2B–B2C web stores, multi-seller markets, mobile commerce and electronic mode of payment etc.

Case Studies

ORDEX develops responsible website solution to mark your business growth
and get recognition and success on the market.

Star Education

STAR Education is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been selected as the leader in innovative educational programming and community-based cultural enrichment projects for over 30 years. STAR services more than 500 schools in over 60 school districts, reaching over a million students and their families every year. STAR works with students, families, schools, and communities to provide exceptional educational and cultural enrichment opportunities.


Beeya is a website that connects job seekers to over 11 million jobs, for free. A job seeker can go to the platform and immediately start searching for jobs in their area, or a user can make a free account to be personally matched with the jobs best suited for them, based on their resume and profile.


Kyobee is self check-in hostess that is easy for customers to sign-in with. Kyobee has a informational website as well as an app. It is smart automated app allows the customers to self check-in and receive notification messages informing them of their assigned guest number, parties ahead of them, with approximate wait time, and live updates.


SpenDebt is a financial technology company helping people pay off debt one micropayment at a time! As consumers spend money, a pre-defined amount is automatically added to every transaction and then applied to the user’s debt account monthly. SpenDebt is on track to help one million people pay off student loans, auto loans, credit cards and more!


Lovestitch is a versatile women’s clothing line with a contemporary, understated bohemian feel and a defining brush stroke of “California life style”. Known for our Californian vibe, vintage inspirations and modern flattering cuts, we’re the go-to clothing line for women seeking effortless chic, fashionable comfort and enlightened style. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide you with gorgeous, affordable clothing without surrendering quality, style or inspiration.

Why Ordex as your Web Development Partner

The Diligent team

Development team of ORDEX consists of highly skilled and experienced web developers, architects, designers, testers, and managers to deliver best tech solutions.

Extensive Range

ORDEX offers custom web development, website development, mobile web development, full-stack web development (frontend and backend web development and much more.

Flawless Integration

With available integration tools and custom connectors, ORDEX helps companies bring together their portals and third-party web services, be it data feeds, payment systems, enterprise collaboration apps, or other solutions.

Tech Expertise

Our technology experience and expertise grow solutions which are simple to understand, have the best possible flexibility and scalability to put your business onto the track of progress.

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