About Beeya

Beeya is unique among the increasing ubiquity of job search platforms. For over three years, Beeya has been using sophisticated algorithms to match job seekers with employers according to skill-set. Once a small startup, Beeya is now being engaged by large multinationals seeking motivated qualified individuals for full-time and part-time positions, internships, freelance assignments, and other employment openings.   The platform enables employers to easily and efficiently identify, communicate with, and track potential candidates throughout the engagement process, from identification to hiring.

Beeya aim to tighten the unemployment gap by bringing interest, drive, and passion back into the workplace.

OTS and Beeya

Utilizing the full power of AWS, OTS designed and built a web-based, Java enterprise website and transferred Beeya’s operations to cloud-based technology. The new website is highly efficient with the unlimited capacity Beeya’s services require to efficiently aggregate employer specifications with job seeker information. The website allows employers any degree of specificity they choose, expanding or narrowing matches to fit their immediate requisition needs. The interface is sleek, intelligent, inviting, and user-friendly to both job-seekers and employers. OTS provides ongoing website support to Beeya as the company continues to rise as a major presence in the e-employment sector.