About Campco

An established wholesale stocking distributor as well as manufacturer of exclusively produced adventure and security gear, for 25 years Campco has been a leading supplier of top brand products to retailers and consumers. Campco is the official worldwide licensee for Smith & Wesson watches and Pepper Spray, Humvee gear, and UZI products, in addition to offering a wide yet thoughtful selection of products from other industry leaders including Zippo, Under Armour, Tool Logic, Pelican, and Mag-Lite, among others. Campco offers the latest in drop shipping service as well as manageable minimum purchase rates, dealer opportunities, and attentive customer support.

Campco’s mission is to be the top manufacturer in the world of high quality, innovative, and affordable products.

OTS and Campco

When Campco engaged OTS in 2014, the company was facing a unique set of daunting technology challenges. Campco had been operating on the same integrated legacy software system for 17 years. In addition to increasing problems with functionality (which resulted in customer complaints about the Campco website), the system had serious vulnerabilities and had been hacked. The legacy system was fully integrated, linking the company’s internal processes (accounting, etc.) with their business functions (sales, shipping, ordering, etc.) and while they recognized the need for a complete overhaul of the decreasingly functional enterprise side of their technology, they need to retain the internal accounting software.

OTS listened carefully to Campco’s unique needs, and designed a multi-phase technology solution that would preserve the functional parts of the legacy system that the company wanted to keep and integrate it with a completely new website and related functions that could serve the rapidly growing needs of Campco’s increasingly demanding e-commerce business.  To maintain the continuity of Campco’s day-to-day operations, OTS migrated their system from a vulnerable, on-premise platform to the safety and security of the cloud, and then built a state-of-the-art e-commerce website that merged seamlessly with the existing software components that the company wanted to retain. The new website flawlessly supports the total e-commerce functions for all seven major brands as well as others with the look and feel of a completely new platform, while the company is able to continue using the same legacy accounting software that meets their unique needs.  OTS continues to support Campco for all of their ongoing IT solution needs.