About Kushal Limited

A publicly traded, international conglomerate with over 600 multinational customers including business, individuals, and public and private sector entities, Kushal Limited sits at the heart of the global commodity trade. Raw materials, coal, agricultural products, drug APIs, clothing, paper goods, base oils, electronics, and steel commodities; food and lifestyle products, healthcare, housing, and even jobs are among the vast array of goods and services that Kushal brings to the farthest corners of the world, through manufacturing, construction, and sourcing. Kushal Limited bridges demand-supply gaps by producing, acquiring, and transporting products to where they are needed and when they are needed, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Kushal Group is a trading, manufacturing and infrastructure development conglomerate based out of India with global aspirations.

OTS and Kushal Limited

Due to the scope of their business operations, Kushal Limited’s technology needs are extensive and in-depth. OTS was engaged by Kushal to study and understand their highly customized business needs, and then develop a comprehensive technology strategy for the future that will continue to serve Kushal and their global clientele as the company expands in multiple marketplaces. OTS has been key in the backend development of the company website, as well as providing ongoing support and maintenance to this highly sophisticated, multi-functional platform that enables optimal performance and maximized operations.