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Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

Learning programming languages in the era of technology, computer programming, AI, and machine learning is like learning your native language in childhood. Software developers with good command of popular coding languages and problem-solving skills have a great careers. The most demanding job is in computer languages.

And to perform well in your job, you must master one or two languages for better computer programming.

IT jobs require candidates with tremendous coding skills. You will be irreplaceable if you have a solid grasp of at least one coding language. Computer programming is a skill where learning coding language is a must to start.

Wikipedia says that there are 700 coding languages. Don’t worry, you do not have to learn all these languages for computer programming.

But then the question is what programming language should I learn?

In this blog, you will learn about various popular coding languages, and types of programming languages and you can choose the best programming languages to learn from various computer languages.

What are programming languages?

A programming language is a way of communicating with computers. Computers can’t understand the native language we speak, they are not designed like this. They can only understand popular coding languages. That’s why computer programming is in demand.

And only software developers who are skilled in these coding languages have the ability to convey their commands to computers with code language.

These are also known as a collection of guidelines (syntax) created by programmers for use as a code language by computers in software development.

Although each coding language has its own syntax, they all have similarities in computer programming. You will know the best programming language to learn as you read further.

There are types of programming languages that you should know.

Procedural language:

It consists of various sequences of statements or commands to get the desired result by computer languages. There are many procedures in these coding languages and each step is called a procedure

Computer programming is done using these coding languages to achieve a goal set by software developers.

Examples of these coding languages are – Java, Pascal, C+, and C++.

Java and C++ are the most popular coding languages among these.

Functional Language:

These top programming languages focus on the output of mathematical functions and evaluations.

In this, each function performs a task and executes a result. Everything depends on how you enter the input into the function.

Examples of these coding languages are Scala, Erlang, Haskell, and Elixir.

Object-oriented language:

Computer programming in these coding languages is viewed as a collection of objects using this kind of coding language. They are made up of data and program components known as attributes and methods.

Reusing objects is possible both within computer programming and in other applications. Because code language is simpler to reuse and scale, it makes it among the most popular programming language types for complicated computer programming.

Examples are Java, Python, PHP, C++, and Ruby.

Scripting coding languages:

In these languages, computer programming uses a scripting language to automate repetitive tasks, and support processes in complicated applications.

Examples of these are – PHP, Ruby, Python, bash, Perl, and Node. Js.

Logic coding languages:

In a logical programming language, facts and rules are expressed to tell a computer how to make judgments rather than instructing it what to do.

Examples of these are – Prolog, Absys, Datalog, and Alma-0.

These were some of the types of programming languages you need to know before actually knowing the list of programming languages. This way you can choose the best programming languages to learn for you.

Other ways to classify coding languages are –

  • Front-end vs. back-end languages Front-end languages are mainly focused on the ‘user’ side of computer programming. Back-end languages work with the server side of the software to store and manipulate data.
  • High-level vs. low-level languages- Whether a language is designed to be easily understood by a human programmer or a computer is the main distinction between high-level and low-level languages.
  • Interpreted vs. compiled languages The difference between interpreted and compiled coding languages involves how high-level code is transformed so that a computer can understand it.

But the question is what programming language should I learn? Is still unanswered.

As you have perfectly understood the types of programming languages, below is the list of programming languages that are the best programming languages to learn in 2023.

List of the best programming languages

The following are the best coding languages to learn:

1. Javascript

The latest statistics say that 72% of companies are looking for developers who know JavaScript. It is one of the most popular programming languages as per the reports of Stack Overflow. One of the most popular programming languages is also this language which is known by most developers. This coding language is used by 97% of the websites.                                                                         

 The benefits of this language are-

    • It has a well-organized code language base.
    • It enhances productivity and readability.
    • It provides user input validation features.
    • It Provides independence to the platform. 
    • It provides greater control over the browser.

Your journey to ask ‘what programming language should I learn’ ends here, but to know more continue reading further.

2. Python

It is the future of programming languages. It is also one of the most popular programming languages. It is known by 80% of the developers.

Machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence processes are made easier by Python’s large library system. Python is now one of the most used programming languages and is known as the king of popular coding languages. This is one of the best programming languages to learn.

The benefits of this language are-

    • Easy to learn and code
    • Supported By GUI.
    • Extensive libraries.
    • It supports many applications.

3. Java

Java is one of the most popular coding languages right now, employed in a variety of fields like web development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and desktop and mobile apps.

The other language that comes under the most popular programming languages is Java.

Consequently, mastering this language promises absurdly high earnings, incredible growth potential, and widespread fame among all other computer languages.

Its benefits are-

    • Object-.oriented programming.
    • Enhanced productivity.
    • Most secure code language. 
    • Provide platform independence.

The list of top programming languages is still yet to complete, continue reading further.

4. TypeScript

Using this code language, developers can add types. Because it is a “Syntactic Superset,” TypeScript has the same basic grammar as JavaScript but also has several additional features. 

This is another best programming language to learn in 2023.

The benefits of this language are-

    • It can report errors.
    • Allows you to specify the data type.
    • Provides stability to the project.
    • It enhances the developer experience.
    • It supports OOPS concepts.

5. C+/C++

C is known as the “mother of all coding languages,” in the computer programming world. It is a general-purpose language that is optimized for use in coding programs, games, and graphics.

Today, many programmers completely ignore C, while others think that studying C first gives C++ development a strong basis. 

The well-known programming language has greatly influenced the development of  programmers, databases, and one of the most popular operating systems, Microsoft Windows.

The benefits of this language are-

    • Extremely fast.
    • Used by competitive programmers.
    • The foundation of understanding complex.
    • Presence of inbuilt functions.

These were the top 5 programming languages you must learn in 2023. It is crucial for every software developer to answer the question “What programming language should I learn” as early as possible.

Action is more important. Start learning now to shine in the computer programming world.

Even though there are 700 programming languages, only a select few are considered to be essential. The ones mentioned above, in our opinion, are the best options for coding languages.

Do not look for the most popular programming languages, instead look for the best coding language to learn that interests you.

You must be aware of the computer programming domain you are interested in before selecting a language from various computer languages. Accordingly, pick one of the most widely used languages after acquiring the necessary skills. 

Therefore, you can select the top programming language based on your requirements and the job you would like to pursue. You should start learning a language once you work on enhancing your problem-solving abilities.