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Effective IT support is critical to every organization as even if you have the most advanced technologies in place, if you do not have the right support you can put your IT infrastructure at risk of failure at critical moments in your business cycle. At Ordex Technology Solutions we provide a variety of support solutions that cover software administration, configuration and round the clock support where required. We have a team of certified personnel who are available to support your requirements and our support services are customized to offer you the flexibility of choice. Whether you want to enter into a maintenance contract or hand over the entire responsibility of managing your IT systems, we can provide a solution for you. Our Services include the following

  • Software Support and Maintenance (SSM) – This is designed to cover our software products which not only enables you to receive technical support, but also provides you with all major software upgrades, new features and minor releases at no additional cost throughout the maintenance period. However this does not cover provision of a technical consultant for on-site visits.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract – This provides all the features of SSM with the addition of a qualified technical consultant to visit your customer site to address key issues and problems. The scope of work will be focused on addressing the issues identified and any additional work or consultancy required by the customer outside of this will be considered at the relevant consultancy charges.
  • IT Outsourcing Contract – In this situation the customer contracts the operation and maintenance of defined IT infrastructure to Ordex Technology Solutions. This means you do not even have to call for assistance as we will be contracted to ensure that we keep your systems up and running. We will enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you to ensure operation targets are met and downtime minimized.
  • Online Problem and Incident tracking – All three packages allow the customer access to our online portal through which they can log problems or issues for response and solution provision. This will include such things as installation help, registration support, licensing issues, code support, new feature requests and software error or bug reports. Each ticket will be assigned a priority and the technical support team will address the issue in the timeframe assigned for that priority. If we determine that a reported reproducible error in the software exists and significantly impairs the usability and utility of the software, we agree to make reasonable efforts to provide a usable work-around solution or to correct the issue in an upcoming service pack or software release.
  • Product Consulting – If you require more in-depth support which is not typically covered by our support and maintenance packages we can provide a technical expert for a period of time at an agreed cost to address your requirements. Alternatively you may want to consider our Hire Experts offering if the engagement term is for a longer period.

Make sure you have the right support package for your operations and do not wait for disaster to strike before you call for our help. Remember our priority will be awarded to our customers who are currently under support with us, as we are committed to ensuring their software operations based on the level of service they have chosen. So act now and ensure that your IT systems stay operational with Ordex Technology Solutions as your IT partner of choice.