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Mobile services provided by Ordex Technology Solutions are designed to ensure that our company’s best mobile technology expertise is available to its customers. Our professional mobile application developers are proven experts in their field and can ensure that they transform your innovative ideas into professional mobile applications. We have successfully released customized mobile applications on the key platforms of Apple iOS and Google Android. We have helped our customers to achieve significant cost savings, increased productivity and enter the fast growing market of mobile apps. Our range of mobile services includes the following:

Mobile Application Development

The use of Mobile apps continues to grow and the applications continue to evolve. Today people want to access business information, download music, play games, share media and content, watch streaming video, use GPS navigation, and send instant messages to friends from anywhere. At Ordex Technology Solutions we develop mobile apps for various purposes and we work with our business customers to deliver the highest results. Our experience includes the following but is not limited to:

  • mCommerce
  • Location based apps
  • VoIP based apps
  • Process automation apps
  • Casual games
  • Game platforms
  • IPTV apps
  • Travel apps

Mobile Technology Consulting

At Ordex Technology Solutions we provide expert guidance and advice on mobile solutions across different platforms. Customers often turn to us to create demo applications, research the application devices compatibility and scalability, and improve features or usability of their current application. Thus, years of experience in mobile development enabled us to offer various consulting services that include the following:

  • Feasibility Studies – We analyze the viability of a new product, assess device compatibility of the product and suggest suitable platforms for implementation.
  • Proof-of-Concept – We create simple product prototypes to ensure that the product features can be implemented. It can also be a great start to show your business concept to investors, customers and business partners.
  • Technical and Functional Design – We capture your requirements and create a blueprint for the development team.
  • Requirements Analysis – We analyze and assess the customer’s requirements and what is needed from our solution to bring your product to the market.
  • Design and Code Review – We design a flexible and scalable product architecture that will ensure a mobile app that will harness your main requirements but be built to adapt to a variety of mobile platforms.

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