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ECommerce (Electronic Commerce) refers to the online selling and buying of services or products through the web with the help of various technologies related to electronic transfer of funds, management of the supply chain, processing of transactions online, interchange of electronic data, management of inventory systems, and an automated system of collecting data. This online shopping experience has become a booming sector with the volume of transactions increasing every year with the exponential growth in the internet. In order not to miss out on this evolving trend it is important for you to have a well designed Ecommerce solution to tap into this ever growing pool on online customers.

At Ordex Technology Services we are specialists at designing the perfect Ecommerce solution for you which will include the following

  • Store Builder – An online store front which is a visually appealing and also easy to use ECommerce site. You can have it customized with a variety of designs to meet your needs and also have our team of consultants create a unique design just for you.
  • Easy management of products – You can create detailed product listings with images, videos and more through a content management system. Online inventory management ensures the prevention of problems by always allowing you to know how many items you have in stock.
  • Attract more shoppers and earn more business – We provide you with marketing, social media and SEO tools to let you promote your business and drive more customers to your store.
  • Payment & Order processing – We make it easy for your customers to purchase by providing a shopping cart accepting all major credit cards. Also we can offer other convenient payment options like PayPal, Authorize.net, Verisign and PayFlow. As the orders roll in, you can quickly process payments, update stock and manage your shipping options. All this is done with secure online shopping with SSL Certificates.
  • Mobile-Friendly – We can construct a storefront specially designed to deliver a rich shopping experience under the limitations of a mobile screen.
  • Marketing Trends and Analysis – Reporting facilities to allow you to monitor your customer shopping preferences and best selling products to allow you to design special offers and maximize your sales.

Our development team has many years of experience in effective design and development of ECommerce solutions. The approach we follow includes a detailed analysis of your operations including sales, inventory and branding, to allow us to propose a compact but appealing online shopping experience. We can provide you with the latest technologies and the technical support to back it up. If you want to venture into Ecommerce and did not know how, now is the time to contact us and find out how we can help you.