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Many customers think that when you have software solutions available off the shelf and online, why would you need custom software development? To answer this question let us consider the following analogy. Let us say you want to buy a cupboard and you had two choices. One fairly cheap but it had no shelves, could not be modified in any way, came in only one color and you were required to take and assemble it. On the other hand you found one which came in a variety of colors, was customizable in that you could have drawers, shelves, hooks, etc. in a variety of fashions, and the vendor provided you somebody to assemble it for you in the manner you want. This might be a bit more expensive but don’t you think you would have a better end product which you will be very satisfied with and designed exactly to your needs?

Similarly the readymade software that you can buy from vendors either have a lot of functionality you don’t need which hampers your system’s efficiency, or they just don’t have the right functionality you need to conduct your business operations. At the same time you also need industry standard software solutions to run your business operations effectively, but it is crucial for you not to waste lots of financial & human resources on getting this done. In other words there must be an optimum correlation achieved here.

This is exactly what we provide with our custom software development services. Whether it is custom accounting, manufacturing, inventory or customer relationship management software that you need, we provide you the software you want, designed to your exact needs, and with no features that you don’t require. In addition to the software, we also provide you the right consultants specifically skilled for your project requirements so the end result is designed for your exact business requirements. We offer a full-cycle application development process from requirements definition to product design and development, quality assurance testing, deployment, as well as follow up support and maintenance.  Our services include

Our expert team helps you consider the available technologies and platforms to choose the most appropriate ones for your project aims, size and budget. We always work closely with the Customer to reveal all the requirements and needs, including technology preferences. Whether your Company is thinking of establishing a simple online presence or considering a complex enterprise solution, our experienced team is at your service. With deep industry knowledge and technical experience, our team develops applications that reduce complexity of your business processes, improve your performance and accelerate your business productivity.  You can be assured that Ordex Technology Solutions bases its work on the latest technologies and platforms which can be used to your business benefit.

If you are looking for software solutions and considering a custom development project remember that you know best how your business works. On the other hand we at Ordex Technology Solutions know how to make software work best for you, so contact us today and see how we can help your business excel.

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