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Project Descriptions:

The mobile app for cupfone provides users with their own private messaging board. Cupfone is a harbor for intimate connections, be personal or professional, that takes them away from “noisy” channels like email and social networks.

Ordex Technology Solutions have built the robust chatting mobile app on Android Platform with lot many other special unique features to meet the objective of “Cupfone – Private Messaging Simplified”.


I met a representative of Ordex Technology Solutions at a technical conference while I was in search of a mobile app developer for my company. I have had the most wonderful experience with Ordex Technology Solutions, they have been completely professional and knowledgeable while exceeding my expectations. Most importantly, they always made themselves available to me and my meticulous methods. I could not have asked for a better team of developers, and for that reason any future mobile development will only go through Ordex Technology Solutions. Without a doubt I would recommend them to anybody that is looking for the perfect mobile development team.