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Unique Applications

  • The right technology delivered to solve the clients’ biggest business challenges. No matter what application needs to be developed our solutions are custom designed to meet their specific needs.

Industry Expertise

  • We have a pool of consultants with industry-specific knowledge which can be applied to our client’s requirements.
  • Combining industry-specific knowledge with superior technical talent speeds up time to market and minimizes development risks.
  • We have a solid, proven track-record backed by relevant experience in dozens of projects in key industries.

Efficiency and Accountability

  • We move fast, take responsibility and stand behind our work.
  • We have a proven methodology and delivery process gained through many development projects.
  • Full transparency with our customers and our communication is open and frequent.
  • Our basic principle is always the same: we deliver on time and on budget, we take responsibility for our mistakes, and we don’t sign off until the client is happy.

Security & Confidentiality

  • The code and other intellectual property we develop always belong to the Client.
  • We don’t compete with our clients’ business.
  • We take full responsibility for protecting clients’ confidential data.
  • Our policies and processes are transparent to our clients and employees.
  • We only hire personnel we can fully trust.

World Class Technical Talent

  • We hire the best consultants from the most educated software engineers focused solely on application development.
  • We have unwavering commitment to technical excellence and premium client service.
  • We combine deep domain expertise with offshore cost advantage and resource flexibility to deliver winning solutions.
  • In the business of software development clients need to know exactly what is happening, when and where. Most of the work we do takes place remotely, so we double up on communications. The key principles of our delivery process are open information flow and direct, proactive discussion of risks.
  • The best way to mitigate project risks is to bring them into the open, discuss and take action together with the client. If something can go wrong it will, unless you talk about it ahead of time and act quickly. We would rather lose a potential deal because we honestly discussed the risks upfront, rather than mislead a client and cause a project failure.