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We follow an 8 step process that covers the full project lifecycle. These include

1) Enquiry

You discuss your idea with our consultants and we do an in depth analysis of your requirements so that we can propose an effective technology solution.

2) Estimate

We analyze the collected information and come back to you with a proposal estimate and engagement plan for your consideration. We ensure we stay in close contact with you to discuss new ideas, clarify requirements and fine tune our proposal. Our goal here is to give you enough information to assess the feasibility of the project as quickly as possible, while giving you confidence in the strength and fit of our proposed solution.

3) Discovery

Once you have agreed with our proposal and engagement plan we start the discovery phase during which we study your project requirements, environment and processes in-depth. This will result in a detailed project requirements plan that includes functional requirements, architectural solution, development roadmap, project staffing, infrastructure, duration and costs, communication plan and project governance model. This will form the basis of the project development process and will be used as a guideline to monitor the effectiveness of the project.

4) Contract

Based on the project requirements plan we send you a development contract for finalization and begin assembling our expert project team. Our goal here is to start setting up the project infrastructure so once the contract is finalized we are ready to start work and so keep the momentum going on the project.

5) Development

This stage is where all technical work takes place. We will do everything to build and maintain the “one goal, one team” culture in the project team and we expect the same from your team as well. Throughout the development phase we believe that open communication between the customer and the project team is the key to success of any project regardless of its size, methodology or technology chosen. Additionally we devote significant time to software testing to ensure errors are minimized and avoided, while making sure that a quality product is delivered. In this way we will ensure that the project alignment with defined requirements is met, as well as potential problems are identified and resolved at the earliest with minimal delay to the project, thereby resulting in a successful product launch.

6) Launch

We will be part of your product launch to ensure any issues are addressed promptly and we will help you choose the appropriate platform and develop safe deployment procedures for you. Our goal here is to have a successful product launch with minimal disruption to your business.

7) Hand-over

With a successful launch we will provide all the necessary resources to perform smooth and seamless handover of the project to your team. We will help your staff to get up to speed with the software management and infrastructure, and we will always stay just one phone call away to answer your questions and support you through a defined post launch stability period.

8) Support

Finally we realize even the simplest software projects requires ongoing maintenance and support. Therefore we are always ready to provide post-production support if required by you in addition to our standard warranty period with a number of options suited to your needs. Please refer our Support and Maintenance section for more information.


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