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At Ordex Technology Solutions we aim to provide our customers with the flexibility of choosing the best custom software development partnership model to suit their needs. We offer the following custom software development models:


All project development across the software lifecycle starting with vision shaping through architecture setup, acceptance and deployment, testing, and ongoing maintenance and support, is made at our offshore premises. We have highly skilled project managers and business analysts on board that ensure fast and successful project delivery. The customer is regularly provided with updated information on each project stage deployment, and will also have the ability to review the work at all steps and perform whatever checks they may require to ensure that the work is proceeding according to their requirements.


Here the project is carried out at the customer’s site. From our skilled team of consultants, Ordex Technology Solutions will assign highly qualified staff to conduct the full implementation.


In this scenario the onsite team directly interacts with Ordex Technology Solutions offshore development team. The onsite team is able to address and attend to critical items and integration issues which need immediate attention, while our dedicated offshore team will work on system development. This model maximizes utilization of time and resources by providing the customer with 24-hour development time and reducing production costs through the utilization of our own offshore facilities. This model is recommended for middle- sized and large projects which are subject to change and need immediate attention from our team. This combination appears to be one of the most effective and popular outsourcing models, enabling the client to benefit from the advantages of both offshore and onsite models.

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