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Small and Medium Business

We have found that the Small Businesses form the back bone of the economy but the utilization of technology in this sector is not as extensive as one might think. The reason for this is varied and includes cost, time to deliver and solution effectiveness in line with customer requirements. These sound like typical reasons that require technology to be used an enabler to enhance the effectiveness of business operations while increasing productivity. Yet the misconception is that approaching a customer software development project will be too complex, expensive and time consuming. Thus you need to be happy with readymade software that only covers part of your requirements, but does not really help you to improve your business processes.

This is where Ordex Technology Solutions comes into the picture. We focus on developing cost effective technology solutions designed specifically for your requirements. Our goal is to help the small business sector achieve their objectives through efficient design and streamlined implementation, while ensuring your project is on time and within budget. Designing a custom software application need not be complex if you have the right partner who takes the time to understand your requirements and propose the correct technology solution for you. There are numerous customers that can speak to our capacity to help them achieve the goals. It does not matter if your problem is a small operational one, related to your business process, or even one requiring alignment to your new strategic objectives. We can help you at all levels. Our skilled requirements consultants will spend all the required time for a free consultation to properly analyze what you need and propose exactly what you want. You can be assured that you will no longer need software that has either too much more, or too little of what you want.

At Ordex Technology Solutions we build software that meets your key requirements and ensure that your problems are addressed.

If you are looking for a partner for a long-term engagement, that works with you to help your business, then look no further and call us for a free consultation.